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Air Compressor
Kompresor Udara Pemasok seluruh dunia dari India
Kompresor udara
Kompresor udara | Kompresor Udara Pemasok | Kompresor Udara Pemasok seluruh dunia | Kompresor Udara dari India
Vikay is one of the leading exporters of from Mumbai, India of Air Compressors & Vaccum Pumps, from 2 HP to 30 HP, in Single Stage, Two Stage & Multi Stage. Our Field tests prove that our Two Stage Reciprocating Compressors has the most efficient design and offer the greatest value. The compressors are totally compatible or better in efficiency, component strength, quality construction, reliability, low maintenance requirement and service support.
Features :
  • Frame 100% Cast Iron
  • Removable Cylinder
  • One-piece Connecting Rod
  • Splash lubrication
  • Ductile Iron crankshaft
  • Finned Copper Intercooler
  • Two/Three Stage Design
  • Simple Combination Valves
  • Simple multi finger valve
  • Centrifugal Unloader
Kompresor Udara Pemasok
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Kompresor udara | Kompresor Udara Pemasok | Kompresor Udara Pemasok seluruh dunia |Kompresor Udara dari India
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